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Getting others to e-sign using Adobe Acrobat or Reader

By Donna BakerMar 6, 2013

In this tutorial, learn how easy it is to get others to e-sign your document. You'll begin with a PDF file in Adobe Acrobat or Reader XI and then automatically upload the file to the EchoSign service.

Topics: Adobe Reader, Sign documents electronically

Products covered: Acrobat XI Pro, Acrobat XI Standard, Adobe Reader XI, EchoSign


00000 03/06/2013

Convert PDF files to HTML

By Lori KassubaOct 24, 2013

In this tutorial, learn how to convert PDF to HTML, so the editable HTML file maintains images, tables, hyperlinks, and table of contents.

Topics: Convert PDFs to other formats

Products covered: Acrobat XI Pro, Acrobat XI Standard


00000 10/24/2013

How to send large files using Adobe Reader XI

By Donna BakerAug 25, 2014

In this infographic, learn how to send large files using Adobe Reader XI. This feature requires a subscription to Adobe Send.

Topics: Send large files

Products covered: Adobe Reader XI


00000 08/25/2014

Can I control navigation in Acrobat 3D using the keyboard?

By Tony DeYoungJul 24, 2006

Quick tip on how to create 3D keyboard navigation shortcuts such as rotation, movement, speed, and specific model motion.

Topics: Merge and combine files, JavaScript

Products covered:


00000 07/24/2006

Entering Document Actions

By Thom ParkerAug 15, 2006

Document Actions are JavaScript events triggered by printing, saving, and closing the PDF. These Actions give developers the opportunity to change the PDF before and after one of these activities (except for closing). Some uses for these actions are making a stamp visible before printing, changing a date field before saving, or shutting down a timer when the document is closed.

Topics: JavaScript

Products covered:


00000 08/15/2006

Combining Documents into a Single PDF in Acrobat 8

By Lori DeFurioMay 16, 2007

Understand how to combine multiple files from multiple applications into a single PDF document.

Topics: Review & approve

Products covered:


00000 05/16/2007

Creating 3D assembly instructions in PDF file using Acrobat 9

By Doug Halliday – May 7, 2009

In this tutorial, learn how to turn ordinary 3D files into compact PDF-based instruction sets -- complete with expanded views and animation -- with Acrobat 9 Pro Extended.

Topics: Merge and combine files

Products covered: Acrobat 9


00000 05/07/2009

How to add CCs when sending a document for e-signature?

By Donna BakerMay 6, 2013

In this infographic, learn how to use digital signatures or the EchoSign service to copy others when sending a document out for electronic signature.

Topics: Sign documents electronically

Products covered: Acrobat XI Pro, EchoSign


00000 05/06/2013

It’s raining ‘droplets’

By Donna BakerApr 16, 2007

If your work doesn’t involve high-end printing, you may never give the Preflight tool a second thought. You should. Preflight, although traditionally used for evaluating and preparing documents to hand off to a print shop, also offers a range of tools to use for all sorts of fixes. New to Acrobat 8 Professional, Preflight lets you evaluate documents, repair content to meet a standard or other marker, or change content in the document for a specific purpose, such as changing color images to grayscale.

Topics: Printing & Prepress

Products covered:


00000 04/16/2007

Using Colors in Acrobat JavaScript

By Thom ParkerNov 5, 2006

What’s a PDF without color? (Answer: monotone, ha ha. Sorry, that was a nerd joke). Color is used in JavaScript for the borders, fill, and text of annotations and form fields. It can be specified in RGB, CMYK, or gray scale and there is even a transparent color.

Topics: Create and analyze forms, JavaScript

Products covered:


00000 11/05/2006