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Using hyperlinks with Adobe Presenter

By Paresh Kharya – May 7, 2009

In this tutorial, learn how to use PowerPoint's hyperlinking capabilities to enhance your Adobe Presenter presentations.

Topics: Merge and combine files

Products covered: Acrobat 9, Adobe Presenter


00000 05/07/2009

Interacting with geospatial PDFs in Acrobat 9

By Adobe Systems – Jun 18, 2009

In this tutorial, learn how to find locations, measure distances, and add location markers in a geospatially enabled PDF using Acrobat 9.

Topics: Merge and combine files

Products covered: Acrobat 9


00000 06/18/2009

10 Tips: Create a Great Survey with FormsCentral

By Adobe Systems – Feb 11, 2013

In this tutorial, learn how to create an online survey using Adobe FormsCentral, including tips on writing great survey questions.

Topics: Create and analyze forms

Products covered: FormsCentral


00000 02/11/2013

How to sign using a certificate

By Donna BakerFeb 21, 2014

In this infographic, learn how to sign a document using a certificate-based digital ID.

Topics: Sign documents electronically

Products covered: Acrobat XI Pro, Adobe Reader XI


00000 02/21/2014

Optimizing File Import for Acrobat 3D Toolkit

By Adobe Systems – Nov 14, 2006

Learn how to optimize CAD file imports for maximum performance, use polygon reduction, and edit and create materials.

Topics: Merge and combine files

Products covered:


00000 11/14/2006

Popup menus for Acrobat (A great user-interface item)

By Thom ParkerFeb 5, 2007

Acrobat 5.0 introduced a new user-interface item, the popup menu. This item is perfect for giving the user a quick list of choices. It’s similar to the combo box (drop-down list) form field, but it’s not a form field and has a couple advantages over the combo box. Popup menus are created dynamically through the App Object so they don’t take up any space on the PDF, a definite plus in many situations. Another big advantage over the combo box field is the ability to create hierarchical lists of choices, making popup menus more useful for many types of applications.

Topics: JavaScript

Products covered:


00000 02/05/2007

Acrobat 8: Image editing 101

By Donna BakerAug 31, 2007

In this tutorial, learn how to edit images using Acrobat 8 Pro.

Topics: Edit PDF

Products covered: Acrobat 9


00000 08/31/2007

Automating Redaction with Acrobat JavaScript

By Thom ParkerJul 17, 2008

Redaction, or selectively removing content from a PDF, is an important part of distributing PDFs that contain sensitive information. In Acrobat, redaction was added as a standard tool. With the release of Acrobat 9, redaction is available for automation in JavaScript. This means you can create a one-click or batch-redaction solution. But, there is some work that needs to be done to set this up.

Topics: Review & approve, JavaScript

Products covered:


00000 07/17/2008

Create PDF from web pages & compare documents using Acrobat 9

By Ali HanyalogluSep 7, 2008

In this tutorial, learn how to use Acrobat 9 to convert web pages to PDF documents and compare the differences between two versions of a web page.

Topics: Create PDF

Products covered: Acrobat 9


00000 09/07/2008

Enable for Commenting in Adobe Reader in Acrobat 8

By Ali HanyalogluMay 13, 2007

Learn how to use Acrobat 8 Professional to enable Adobe Reader users to add comments to PDF documents.

Topics: Review & approve

Products covered:


00000 05/13/2007