How to create a PDF file in Microsoft Office

Learn how to create PDF using the PDFMaker tools in Office (Windows only) to create online PDF.

By March 19, 2012


In this tutorial, learn how to create PDF using the PDFMaker tools in Office (Windows only) to create online PDF. When you install Acrobat X, the PDFMaker tools are added as a Ribbon in many Office products. The PDFMaker tools enable you to easily create PDF in Office.

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How to create a PDF file in Microsoft Office

Donna BakerMarch 19, 2012

When you install Acrobat X, the PDFMaker tools are added as a Ribbon in many Office products (on Windows only). Click Acrobat to open the Ribbon, which includes commands for reviews, mail merges, and other features.
Before you create your PDF file, click Preferences to open the Acrobat PDFMaker dialog box. Any Office program with a PDFMaker includes options for naming and viewing the file. You’ll see some common program settings, and some specific to a program, like adding bookmarks in Word.

You don’t have to choose settings from scratch. Click the Conversion Settings drop-down arrow to see groups of settings, including custom settings you might create and save. The Standard settings are best for general print and online use. Read a description about the settings you chose.

  • Click the Attach source file check box if you want to include the original document.
    Click the Create Bookmarks check box if you want to use Word headings as PDF bookmarks.
    Click the Add Links check box if you want to convert HTML bookmarks to PDF.
    Leave the tagged Adobe PDF check box selected to make the file easier to use for accessibility and editing issues.
  • Let's quickly check out the other tabs. Click the Security tab to add passwords. Don’t add security if you need to work with the exported PDF file. Select the Word tab to include special export features, like comments and footnotes. Select the Bookmarks tab to create bookmarks from styles, headings, and existing bookmarks.
  • When you’re finished, click OK. The settings remain as is until you change them again.

Now it’s time to make the PDF file. Click the Create PDF button to open the Save Adobe PDF File As dialog box. Change the file name if you like, and choose the storage location. Click Save.

The Acrobat PDFMaker window opens and processes your PDF file. Your new PDF file is ready!

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8, 2014-01-29 29, 2014

Thank you. Great tutorial and will help me in creating things at work.

Michelle Martin

2, 2012-11-27 27, 2012

I’ve had MS Office 2010 and Acrobat X for quite a while now, and I never noticed these options in my ribbon.  Thank you!

donna baker

10, 2012-06-21 21, 2012

Hi Denis -

The video uses Acrobat X Pro, and Office 2010 Professional.



5, 2012-06-05 05, 2012

Good presentation, but which Version is using in this tutorial (Word&Acrobat;)? My question come because lot of problem between PDFmaker and Office were present.

donna baker

4, 2012-05-22 22, 2012

Hi Elizabeth -

Thank you.


Elizabeth Streed

7, 2012-05-18 18, 2012

Thank you for the quick, fun tutorial.

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