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Convert PDF2FDF auto-save

By JR BoulayOctober 01, 2013

This Action will embed a PDF file into an FDF (Forms Data Format) file to force the file to open in Adobe Reader or Acrobat. This is very useful if you are developing PDF forms that will be filled out on the Mac. Sometimes Mac users will attempt to fill out PDF forms in Mac Preview instead of Adobe Reader or Acrobat, which can generate form field entry errors (i.e., form field data is not visible). Adobe Reader and Acrobat are the only apps that can open FDF files, so embedding a PDF into a FDF file ensures that it cannot be opened using another PDF reader or in another PDF editor.

- This Action will prompt you to select a PDF file that will be saved as a FDF.
- After opening the FDF the end user will not be prompted to save the PDF, the embedded PDF will be saved in a temporary folder and deleted when they quit the application.

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