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Adobe Document Cloud

Getting Started with Adobe Sign

Running Campuses Efficiently During Times of Change and Challenge

Explore how higher education institutions are using digital document processes to support operational continuity.

Digital Document Workflows for Agility and Improved Services

Learn how COVID-19 has accelerated document digitization in education and discover best practices for making it work at your institution.

Did the Pandemic Push You to Go Paperless?

Adobe Sign can ease your school’s transition to paperless documents in a secure, streamlined, and browser-based way.

Adobe Sign for Education

Use Adobe Sign whenever you need to manage and track documents sent out for signature.

Remote Learning Waiver

Adobe Sign provides a set of turn-key integrations into your enterprise applications such as Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce, Workday, and others.

Get started with Adobe Document Cloud

Scan Worksheets and Readings

With Adobe Scan on your mobile device you can turn multiple paper pages into a single PDF to share with anyone. Download Scan for free on iOS or Android.

Work with PDFs online for free with Adobe

Need to create a PDF from Word, Powerpoint, or Excel? or compress PDF for easier sending? Acrobat tools are now available online, in your browser. Free.

Convert your handwritten work into PDF

Use Adobe Scan on your phone to easily create multiple paper pages to a single high-quality PDF. Great for LMS submission.

Markup homework PDFs quickly and easily.

Highlight, leave comments, or draw with the comment tool from your phone, your tablet, or your desktop using Adobe Acrobat or Reader.

Turn your existing forms into fillable PDF forms

Easily convert your paper based worksheets into forms that students can fill out online.

Create PDF from a webpage

For students with limited internet connectivity, create PDFs from web pages so that they can read or work with them offline.

How to convert a PDF into a fillable form and share with your students

For students with limited internet connectivity, create PDFs from web pages so that they can read or work with them offline.

Adobe Acrobat and Google Drive

Adobe Acrobat for Google Drive

With the Acrobat for Google Drive integration, anyone can view, search, and annotate PDFs for free.

Give your team access to Acrobat tools in Google drive

Speed up your paperwork and e-signing by giving your team access to Adobe Acrobat tools right from Google Drive.

Use Acrobat tools in Google drive

Finish your work faster by using Adobe Acrobat tools right from Google Drive.

Work with PDFs within Google Drive

Unlock a better experience with time saving PDF and e-signature tools that integrate seamlessly with Google Drive.

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