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PDF top 6 picks:
Our experts most-loved tips

We asked a few of our Acrobat experts to tell us their favorite PDF tips. Read on to find out their picks.

Import data from Excel to a fillable PDF form

"One tip I reference on a regular basis is how to import data from an Excel spreadsheet into a PDF form. This is very useful, but it does require that you stick very closely to the instructions. If things are off by just a little, the PDF form will throw errors and won't import the form. Once you know how to do this manually, you can automate the process using JavaScript to create a mail merge type application."
— Karl Heinz Kremer

Create a custom dynamic stamp

"My favorite tip is also one of the most popular, 'Dynamic Stamp Secrets.' I liked it so much I expanded it into a book ;) Nothing else really comes close to that one. Maybe number two is the tutorial on Dropdown lists. This was a fun programming task, but in general my favorite Acrobat feature is JavaScript."
— Thom Parker

Save a PDF file to disk using Acrobat JavaScript

"This one isn't mine, but I’ve referred countless forum users to it over the years. It’s very well written and comprehensive and should continue to help folks for years to come."
— George Johnson

Add a drop down calendar to a PDF form

"I really like this tip, because it enables the user to make PDF forms smarter and better by adding things like a datepicker using JavaScript."
— Max Wyss

Submit a PDF form via email, HTTP and more

"'Form Submit/Email Demystified' is my favorite tip. These questions seem to get asked over and over again, and Thom Parker's tutorial lays out all the answers in perfect detail."
— David Dagley

Uppercase the first letter only in a field using JavaScript

"This tip is my favorite, because I use it often when developing interactive PDF forms. It's very useful."
— JR Boulay