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When using AutoCAD 2009 raster images will not plot with Pdf.pc3

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I'm using regular AutoCAD 2009 with Update 3
Windows XP Professional
Adobe 8 Professional

When using AutoCAD 2009 raster images will not plot with Pdf.pc3.... some don't appear and some show as boxes.

I get a quick message "attempting to cancel Sheet E3.0".... before the pdf is created. Memory problem???How do I fix that?

Has anyone else had this problem?

I'm using a titleblock with raster images and the images won't show and plot correctly when a pdf is created but in others it will plot correctly. I have tried changing the print quality up and down, the dpi down to 300 in the adobe printer...

I have also tried reloading, saving, and closing and reopening the images in the titleblock xref and it still doesn't create and show images in the pdfs for some particular sheets.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

My Product Information:
Acrobat Pro 8.1.6, Windows
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As you may know, PDF is an open standard, and as such, firms other than Adobe have developed and sell PDF writers. I do not believe AutoDesk is using any Adobe technology directly to create the PDFs. I suggest you check with AutoDesk directly on this or consult their user forums. I Googled PDF.PC3 and some good stuff popped up. Please give it a try.

Sorry, but that's all I have to offer.

Good luck!

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Registered: Oct 21 2009
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Thank you for your time and energy responding to my question. I found my problem to be a lack of virtual memory. The file I was trying to PDF had to many “wipeouts” or masks covering the “BIM” floor plan. Once I deleted the excessive “wipeouts”, my computer barely was able to process a complete PDF with raster images. I did find out that AutoCAD does have a “DWG to PDF.PC3” printer which worked (very good advice by the way) but I was nowhere near the PDF image quality when I used the printer driver automatic installed by Adobe Professional (Adobe PDF.pc3 – the virtual memory hog).

Thank you!
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try printing to EPS, and then import it into Acrobat

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