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Acrobat PDF Closes

ms pugs
Registered: Apr 21 2009
Posts: 13

I have just encountered a problem keeping pdf open.

I open a pdf doc, and in about 5 seconds it closes.

Please, does someone have a fix for this?

9.0 version

Registered: Nov 3 2008
Posts: 1202
Does only the PDF close or Acrobat too?
What if you open Acrobat alone (without a PDF)?
If it also closes itself there might be something wrong with the activation data (serial number).
Acrobat then automatically closes after a few seconds.

Only solution I know for this problem is a reinstall of Acrobat.

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ms pugs
Registered: Apr 21 2009
Posts: 13

Yes, everything closes, even the pdf reader.

I'll do as you suggested. Uninstall and re-install.

It's been fine for a year, so who knows?

I appreciate the advice.