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Adobe 10 downloads, then disappears!

Registered: Oct 29 2011
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OK - I use Firefox on Windows 7 & tried to download Adobe X & Flash Player. Had to go the direct download before anything downloaded. It showed downloading in the download box but then when it got to 100%, it disappeared completely! Download box was empty yet pop up said "Download complete". Where did it go? Checked Firefox downloads - empty! I disabled Kaspersky, my anti-virus & tried again. Same thing. I actually removed ALL Acrobat & Adobe applications thinking I could start all over. Now I have nothing Adobe & cannot download & install Adobe X, Flash Player, or anything Acrobat. Help! What do I do now?

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Does this only happen with Adobe products or all downloads?

Have you looked in FireFox's download window?

It should be the "Downloads" folder in your documents folder.

Have you looked in the Download folder?

From the Menu bar: "Tools => Download" or the " + J" key combination.You might find more help in FireFox's Help under "Download Window".

George Kaiser

Registered: Oct 29 2011
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Yup, that was it. It was NOT in the usual Firefox download box but it was on the Local Disk.
I had a moment of temporary brain loss caused by panic. I feel dumb but glad to know it's all working right now & was able to download & install with no problems. Thanks for the input
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It's not the lack of mistakes that separates a genius from the crowd (I think they make more), it's how they learn from them that allows them to excel.

Glad to see that you are excelling. :)


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