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Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Standard Installation Error 1311

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I just purchased a new (sealed) Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Standard and attempted to install on my used (business recovery) desktop: Windows XP Professional.
I get past the entering of the serial number, the selection of language preference, and begin the installation. It stops with 34 seconds left at this point below:

Error 1311 Source File no found
D:\Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Standard\
File: index1.idx Size 806971 bytes

I am a newbie and have tried all I can think of. (The disk doesn't look like it has been touched by human hands--it is very clean; Did a restart on my desktop and tried again.; made double sure I didn't have ANY Adobe Acrobat versions or vestiges left on the desktop before tying again.)

I would appreciate some help -- and I greatly appreciate your patience.

Debbie Brandenburg

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Acrobat Standard 6.0, Windows
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The error that you mention is an indication that your computer is having trouble reading from the CD-ROM drive. You can copy the files off of the CD to the local drive and then double-click on the setup.exe file. Once the installation is finished successfully you can delete the files that you copied from the CD.

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My error is similar, but i don't have a CD, my acrobat came loaded on my pc. but this error happened i think during an upgrade. the files accidently got stuck in the movie project folder. So after getting the following error i moved them to the acrobat folder in program files, but I still get this problem. Every time i open a word or excel file The PC tries to configure adobe acrobat 8.6 and then gives me an error message that says Error 1311.source file not found c?/program files x86\adobe\setup files\ If i hit cancel i can open my doc, but clearly something is wrong. I found the Data1 file in the setupfile folder noted above, but it is in a winzip file. I tried to extract the files but it wouldn't let me. Perhaps someone could check their program files and tell me if their data1 file under acrobat/setupfiles is also zipped. maybe it should not be?