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Adobe Reader 9.2/Windows 7 Compatibility Issue Help Needed

Registered: Nov 16 2009
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Previously I was running 9.2 on Vista Home 32 bit with no problem, but I recently installed W7 Ultimate and now it won't work. When I try to download a PDF file I get, "Adobe Reader could not open xxx.pdf because it is either not a suported file type or because the file has been damaged." This happens with different PDF files and when I try to just view it from Google it say "It can't generate a view at this time".

Since it worked fine previous to the W7U installation, it of course leads me to believe its some sort of compatibility issue but I can't find anything on it.

Does anyone have any ideas what is going on here"


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Try doing a repair of your installation Help > Repair installation to see if it corrects the issue.

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Every since downloading AR 9.2 I can no longer open up any of my AR files.

Repair install didn't help.

what can I do short of going back to an older version?