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Adobe Reader X fails to install

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I just realized that one of our computers has Adobe Reader 7.0 and I wanted to upgrade that to Adobe Reader X, but when trying to install it I receive an error box stating "Adobe Reader Installer...installation encountered errors...failed to initialize. I've tried installing using web browsers Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox both receiving same error box. Any ideas on what my problem may be?
Thank you, Wendy

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Accepted Answer
Cannot speak to the specifics of the problem you've encountered. However, the following may help in getting Reader X in place.

Troubleshoot Adobe Reader Installation | Windows —

Alternative download locations at Adobe:

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Registered: Sep 22 2011
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I have experienced precisely the same problem. The error message "Installation failed to initialise" is really not terribly helpful!

Unfortunately, the Adobe troubleshooting document mentioned above does not address the problem, nor can I find it mentioned anywhere else in the Adobe support database or in the forums. I have checked that the user account from which installation was attempted has administrator privileges, so that's not the issue. The computer concerned is running Windows XP/SP3, and has previously run Acrobat Reader 9 without difficulty (removed before new installation attempted).

Any other ideas, anyone?


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Further to my earlier post, having failed to instal Reader X, I have just tried to re-instal Reader 9, but experienced the same error message: "Failed to initialise". Now, Reader 9 used to run just fine before I uninstalled it in order to upgrade to Reader X: I thought it would be better to uninstal rather than instal over the top of an earlier version: boy, was that a mistake!