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cannot access files on company network in Reader X

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Recently, I tried Reader 10.1, but had to revert to version 9, because the security features prevented me from opening files on the company network (Windows domain). If I downloaded the files to my local C: drive, they would open without issue. I could also access them by turning the security off, but I reasoned that version 9 with security is safer than version 10 without.
Does anyone know of a setting to resolve this ? (I am running WinXP Pro/SP3)


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This could be caused by the Protected Mode of Reader X.
Try to deactivate it in the Reader preferences (ctrl+K).

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Have you tried going into your preferences in Reader 10.1 to make sure your network is part of the Priviledged Locations? This is located under Edit > Preferences > Security (Enhanced).

For more information about Protected Mode troubleshooting visit the following technical note:

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Thanks, Lori and Kadzmar.

Problem solved !

I tried Lori's suggestion and added the network server to the Windows Trusted Sites. Thereafter, there were no problems. However, I'm still not sure that was the fix, because the problem seemed to resolve itself before that. Also, when I unchecked the box "Automatically trust ...", I could still open network files. It does make sense, though -- I installed Reader X without issue on a network in another office, where all the computers had to have the network server in the Trusted Sites to allow a different, unrelated application to work.