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CS 5.5 Installation after Acrobat X

Registered: Dec 9 2011
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I have installed CS 5.5 on a number of PCs but we are finding a number of them are coming up saying that they are trial versions even though the serial number was enterend correctly. I followed the process of creating a deployment with AAMEE and installed Acrobat X first then CS 5.5 then the exceptions. I entered the serial number in AAMEE to serialize it.
From my investigations I have discovered that if you run Acrobat X before you open any of the other CS software it seems to overwrite the licence information. If you open Photoshop first, for example, the product will activate fine and you can use Acrobat fine.
I have tried using adobe_prtk.exe to serialize the suite again, but once Acrobat is opened Photoshop returns to the trial version again.
Has anybody got any idea what could be causing this?

My Product Information:
Acrobat Pro 10.0, Windows