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What are the error percent of Acrobats autodetect form?

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Just to check if I don't do anything wrong with my forms when creating them, but how often does your Acrobat autodetect wrong fields? Especially radiobuttons and checkboxes.
For me, textfields are always ok, but when it comes to radiobuttons, when I have more than 3, it messes up my form and starts to connect with other radiobuttons groups. Sometimes the radiobuttons converts to checkboxes.
Here's a picture of my pre-created circle:
Have I created the circles in Acrobat Pro X wrong?
Do I have my pre-created circles to close to eachother?
Any help will be much appreciated because I always end up doing the radiobuttons manually...
Also, is there a way to change the default font from Helvetica to another font?

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Acrobat Pro 10.1, Windows
Registered: Sep 4 2011
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I meant in Adobe Indesign, not Acrobat Pro X.
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Not tracked, but must skilled users add all the form field manually, just too much editing to cleanup the auto detect. can create forms with fields and export the fields to a PDF.

George Kaiser