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Acrobat X paste snapshot/screenshot from clipboard?

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In Acrobat 9 I was able to take a snapshot of a part of a pdf page and paste it directly onto another pdf page. But when I try to do that in Acrobat X, nothing pastes. The snapshot tool copies into the clipboard and when I try to paste it into a word document it will, but when I try to paste it into a pdf.....nothing. Am I doing something wrong or is this capability disabled in Acrobat X?

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Acrobat Pro 10.0, Macintosh
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The Snapshot tool will copy a region as a bitmap image, so you can (or should, it works when I try it) be able to use that clipboard object to create a new PDF using Create > From Clipboard, but it won't contain vectors.Copying a selection of text using the multi-select tool and right-clicking or cmd-C-ing it will copy the formatted collection of objects (vectors, text, etc.) but the clipboard doesn't necessarily paste back into Acrobat, as it will be handed out to whatever Acrobat considered the "native application" to be for that mixture of object types.
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I have the same problem with Windows7. I think it is something that Adobe must repair urgently.
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I have same problem.
I think this is a great problem... basic operations like region copy/paste are not possible, WHY???
When a customer buys an Acrobar License, is to work with PDF... and work means operations like regio copy/paste.

Do you know any plugin that enable copy/paste?
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churria wrote:
I have same problem.
I think this is a great problem... basic operations like region copy/paste are not possible, WHY???

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I am having the same problem - but I found a workaround. Image quality degrades a bit / is a bummer, but it does at least work (like previous versions of Acrobat...)

Copy the ENTIRE file to your clipboard, not just the area selected with the select tool.

Open in Paint (or Photoshop, or similar), and THEN you can select/copy portions of a image to the clipboard, and paste into other Acrobat files, Word files, etc...

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it took me a second to find
but the Snapshot tool is now called Take a Snapshot
and it's located in the Edit dropdown menu
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^ we can take a snapshot but the problem we're having is not being able to paste that snapshot into the pdf.

The only workaround I've found is to go into Comments > Annotations > Stamp Tool > Paste Clipboard Image As Stamp Tool.It's definitely not as convenient as being able to directly paste the image via ctrl+v but it works.

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I don't do a lot in adobe, but this was the main function I used in version 8. What a disappointment to find that I wasn't able to do the snapshot/paste in 10X. This definitely needs to be fixed. pdaniel...thanks for your work around. I used it to complete the task I needed.
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Re post from wildfire070

I can not find the STAMP TOOL, it is not listed under Annotations! I use XP and XP Pro on a different computer both with Service Pack 3 but I can not get the Take A Snapshot to work either using Adobe version X. I have just downloaded old version 9.3 but it will not let me install both versions so I will have to uninstall version X first, what a load of hastle!!! The Snapshot Tool is esential.


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I called Adobe support and reported this problem as I had the same issue as all of you above. They agreed that there is no simple copy and paste ( as there used to be) for the snapshot tool. The work around suggested above using the stamp tool is the only one that I find does do the job, allbeit, a bit cumbersome. The Stamp tool is located , as stated above at: Comments > Annotations > Stamp Tool > Paste Clipboard Image which is used after taking the snapshot. If they fix it I will post this fact.

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The only workaround I have found is to create a jpg of the snapshot, then insert the image.

to insert....Tools> Content> under Edit Text & Objects choose Edit Object> (right click in pdf where you want to add the image) choose Place Image> browse for the snapshot image you asved as a jpg, Open.This drops it onto the pdf and then you may align either using your mouse or if more smaller movement use your up or down arrows.