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Copy then flatten previous page

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I don't know any javascript so if you can, please help me with a script.
I need to make a button at the botom of the page, that does these things:
- make a carbon copy of the page, after the existing one (just like Ctrl + drag in the Pages field) and then, flatten just that page, not the new copy that has been made.
So if I have a document with 1 page, after pressing the button, te script will make a copy (page 2) of the first one and flatten page nr 1.
For a 3 page document, I'm thinking it would work in the same manner, copy nr 3 to nr 4 and flatten nr 3.
This should work in Reader...
So if I'm making any sense, thx in advance for the help.

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Not possible unless you create your file as a dynamic LiveCycle form, or apply a very special to it which will allow you to spawn a new page from a template.

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Reader cannot duplicate pages, nor flatten.
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As it has been said, Reader can not duplicate pages (unless they have been defined as Templates, and Extended Rights have been applied using Reader Extensions Server (or whatever the name du jour of this thing is at the moment). But when it comes to flattening, you hit a bumper.

One workaround would be, if your users can connect to a server. In that case, assuming you have forms, you could submit the data to a server, including specific variables to control the document. On the server you would use tools, such as Appligent's FDFMerge and AppendPDF, which would take the submitted data, merge it into the base form, flatten whatever is needed (wiht FDFMerge you can flatten individual fields), maybe assemble a new document, and then send that document back to the user.

Such workflows have been implemented and are used in productive workflows.

Hope this can help.

Max Wyss.