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"Creating PDF from Web page" from a source

Registered: Jun 10 2009
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Hi there,

Is there a way (Java Script) that "create PDF from Web page" from a file wich contains a lot of URLs?

My client collect information for archiving from several internet sites, and there is no criteria to collect them... Ten persons are searching in the Internet and when they found something they save it in PDF file...

The point is to automate tasks and reduce time.

If every one could save all the important URLs in a unique fie (.TXT, XML, whatever source) and only one, could create all these URLs in a PDF, it would be great!

Can anyone of you help me?

Thanks in advance,

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Not via JavaScript, but you could webcapture the file you create and then invoke:
Advanced>Web capture>Append all links on page or
Advanced>Web capture>View Web linksand capture all of them in one go