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(un)targeting fields

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Hi experts,
I have a neat little problem. I would like to clear certain form fields when the form is reopened without a data file. If a dataset (xfdf) is associated, then the form fields will need to display the data. That much is working with a function that calls the resetForm method. I know how to target subtrees to reset, but is there a way I can target the button set to NOT reset on open?
The reason I need to accomplish this is because the buttons were created in InDesign and when the entire form is reset, ie., this.resetForm(); the buttons are still present, but no longer visible. This is a frustrating behavior. Is there a way to avoid this problem yet still use InDesign buttons? Thank you in advance for providing your resource.

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I do not have a good answer for this post but I do have info on a new book coming out in August 2007. You can pre-order at

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Geez... what a lousy reply. I looked at some of your recent so called answers and found the exact response there too. Most people at this site know about the book your plugging, but that doesn't help address problems today.

Also, the problem really isn't that tough. If anyone's curious, I simply used a naming convention like FormName.Section.Field.descripton for all fields except for buttons. I just thought maybe there would be a more elegant way of targeting fields to not be affected by the script and maybe some insight as to why I have problems with inDesign buttons being cleared.

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