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VBA and getField from a multiselected listbox

Registered: Dec 8 2011
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In MS-Access, I am getting an error message when I try to read a multi-selected item from list box :
Set jso = pdFormCapture.GetJSObject

If jso.numFields Then
For I = 0 To jso.numFields - 1
FV = ""
fn = ""
fn = Trim(jso.getNthFieldName(I))
Set f = jso.getField(fn)

If f.Type = "listbox" Or f.Type = "Combobox" Then
FV = f.Value

End If


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Read the Acrobat JavaScript documentation. There it specifies the format of the data returned from a listbox with multiple selections. (hint: the value property won't work).

Hope this can help.

Max Wyss.

Registered: Dec 8 2011
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Thanks, but I still can't figur out selected items only?


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Exactly what error message do you receive? The value will be an array when multiple items are selected in a list box, as opposed to a string (or anything else).

Also, it should be "combobox", not "Combobox".
Registered: Dec 8 2011
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It's a listbox with multiselected items
I am getting type not match?
should I do the following:

If f.multipleSelection = True Then
Dim A As Variant
A = Array(f)
end if

do you have a sample