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Acrodist. exe error

Registered: Sep 12 2007
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I have an error when I want to meka PDF document with Word, Excel or Power Point, the system shows an error message with this: Acrodist.exe Application Error The instruction at "0x0045c935" referenced memory at "0x01caebdc". The memory could not be read.
My Laptop has the Acrobat Standar 7.0 Version with Xp Professional SP2 and I work in a windows domain. I have reinstalled the Acrobat, but the program canĀ“t make the documents, beside in Internet Explor I don't have this problem I can make PDF documents. What can I do to resolve this problem.
Thank you.

My Product Information:
Acrobat Standard 7.0.0, Windows
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This ends up being one of those 'deep dive' sort of issues.

Does this occur with all Word/Excel docs? (Try something really simple) How are you involking the conversion? (File | Print or Toolbar button (PDFMakerMacro)?
Have you tried printing to the Adobe PDF printer through other means?
If you print a test page from the Adobe PDF printer, does that convert?

In other words, need more info.

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