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Create PDF from file

Registered: Dec 9 2011
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I have created a few PDF's by chossing;"CREATE>PDF from FILE" on an opened PDF file, a window would pop up and I was able to chose which layout I wanted to use in the file, it is an AutoCAD file,by clicking "chose layout" then chosing the layout I wanted then my Adobe X Pro would do what I asked it to do...which was "create a PDF from file". Now evertime I attempt to do the same,when I click on "chose layout" the program never stops thinking and I have to close Adobe via my computer task manager. However I am able to, from AutoCAD, select "plot" chose PDF as printer and create a PDF from AutoCAD. So why was I able to previously create a "PDF from file" and no longer can do so. Also, since this had happened I am unable to create a document in PDF from Quickbooks. Anyone have a clue how I can reedy this problem?

My Product Information:
Acrobat Pro 10.0, Windows