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Creating Static Document in PDF

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Hi everyone,
I was wondering if it is possible to create a "static" PDF document. By the word static I mean that, once the PDF document is created, it is read-only, no one can change anything in it.
Is it possible to make the PDF document such that you can ONLY insert pages in the future, no other changes.
All help will be appreciated
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You can apply security to the file and prevent it from being edited.

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a PDF is a static document in general.
Changes can only be applied by an PDF editor such as Acrobat.
If you don't want this, you're able to apply security settings to protect the PDF against changes with a password.

Goto to "File > Properties > Security".
Select "Password Security", activate the checkbox for "Permissions" and enter a password.
Under "Changes Allowed" you can select "Inserting, Deleting and rotating pages".
Confirm with "OK" and save the PDF.

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