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Error When Optimizing PDF

Registered: Oct 16 2009
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I am trying to optimize a PDF file in order to reduce the file size. I have done it to many other documents I have created within PagePlus. Two of my documents show the error "An error was encountered while processing images"; therefore, it will not complete the optimization process.

If I create a PDf by printing the document to my Adobe printer, it works. The problem is that I have links I need to maintain...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My Product Information:
Acrobat Pro 9.0, Windows
Registered: Nov 26 2009
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I also encountered this "An error was encountered while processing images" error. I was running Acrobat 9.0.0 for Mac. I was working with a PDF newsletter with lots of transparency generated from Microsoft Word for Mac.

I could get rid of the error by selecting "Transparency" in the PDF optimizer. Unfortunately for me "optimizing" transparency created stitching artifacts (thin white lines in areas where transparencies had been flattened). I finally had to resort to optimizing the PDF using Acrobat 6 for Windows, which worked fine.
Registered: Oct 9 2006
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"An error was encountered while processing images."......trying to "reduce size of file." I tried the pdf optimizer and removed the imaging options and got "an error was encountered while optimizing content streams" so I removed the "content streams" options in the "pdf optimizer" and got again "an error was encountered while optimizing content streams." :o and :O

Any help also would be appreciated.