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Extracting 9 000 PDf into single files with specific names

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Is it possible to extract pages of a PDf and to save it using a specific text, to re-name the PDF's
I have a 9000 page PDF with I need to split in individual files, but I don't what to re-name them one by one.

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Do you mean that you want to use some specific text from within the file itself, or just some generic text that you want to append to each file name? At any case, it would require a batch script, which I can create for you. If you're interested, send me a email (my address is in my signature).

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You can learn about ext rating pages with JavaScript at Extracting pages from a PDF with Acrobat JavaScript by Thom Parker.You need to write a do while loop to extract each page or group of pages and then code the save/save as action with the name for the extracted pages and close the extracted pages file.

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you should download and install the free Aerialist Lite plugin for Acrobat.
It also adds a "Split" Action into Acrobat X action wizard.


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Thanks for the suggestions. To be more precise... the extracted pages, needs to be renamed automatically with a specific number. In this case it's the employee number. Witch would be on every other pages in the PDF.

The Arts Split tool looks kind of neat, but to be able to get the result, I would need the Split pro @ $3,000.00 it's way more then I can afford, plus it's only for Windows.

Is there any other app for mac, that will do this ?

I'm not very good with the JavaScrip, but from what I saw, it will not rename my files.