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Quickest way to strip any annotations, notes, highlighting, bookmarking etc....

Registered: Dec 1 2011
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After there has been some collaboration on a PDF - what is the easiest way to create a copy of the PDF stripped of all the "collaboration"?
Do I need to simply go in and delete all of the notes, highlighting, bookmarks separately/individually? Or is there a way to handle that with one action?

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Acrobat Pro 9.4.3, Macintosh
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Accepted Answer
You can with PDF Optimizer and Preflight, though I don't believe you can remove bookmarks that way. You have greater control with Preflight. Bookmarks are not typically something a collaboration user would add to a document. You can also set up a JavaScript routine to remove things like fields, comments, bookmarks, etc.
Registered: Dec 1 2011
Posts: 2
Thanks George. PDF Optimizer seemed easier to use and I was able to remove the bookmarks along with all the other stuff with one click. Perfect!