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Using excel to automate the TOC links to various page numbers within the same document?

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I am combining several PDF documents in a single file. These files range from 30 to 40 pages. I have a excel template for the table of content. However, I have to update the links to the pages every time.
My question is if I list the page number in a column in my excel spreadhseet, can auto this process. I know you can add a page number to a URL (if you know the PDF file). I would image there would be a way to hyperlink that references itself. For example, in excel the cell formula be something link HYPERLINK(//self.pdf*pg2,Page 2). I am just not sure how to create the link knowing it will be converted into a PDF with links to page 2,3,4 and so on. Thank you.

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To create a link within the same file you don't need to specify the file name at all. You just need to set the pageNum property to the number of the page you want to link to (remember this is a 0-based value).

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Thank you. I'm also looking for it.

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