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PDF portfolio shows up empty in browser

Registered: Sep 4 2011
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I was testing PDF portfolio with 3 PDFs and saved it as a website, but when I tried to open the index.php (that was automatically created by Acrobat) it showed up nothing - just two buttons displaying "Layout" and "Files"
Nothing happens when I click on them.
What am I doing wrong?
I believe I have Flash 10 (otherwise it wouldn't have displayed the buttons)
I'm using Acrobat Pro X Pro.

My Product Information:
Acrobat Pro 10.1, Windows
Registered: Aug 17 2006
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I'm assuming from your description that you are trying to run index.php from the local folder that you saved the Portfolio into, if you had loaded the folder to a web server it would have worked immediately.

To run the portfolio as a web site on your local machine for testing purposes you need to give Flash permission to run the content there. Open the auto-generated index.php file. Right-click on the blank page to get to the Flash context menu and select global settings. Select the Advanced tab the click "Trusted Location Settings..." Select "Add..." then "Add Folder...". Browse to the folder with the index.php file in it.

Refresh the page. You should now see your Portfolio. If you plan to do this a lot, I suggest you set up a parent folder that all of your test portfolios go into and give that folder the trust, the you just need to save your portfolios into that folder.

Registered: Sep 4 2011
Posts: 20
Thank you Joel, I will try this out :)