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AdobePDF printer corrupt in W7

Registered: Apr 18 2010
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I am having ongoing problems getting the AdobePDF printer to print correctly in W7.
All I get is a multiple pass print that resembles Chinese and is illegible!
WHY do these developers not sort these problems out before selling their products?!
Has anyone had the same problems / issues?

My Product Information:
Acrobat Pro 9.4, Windows
Acrobat 9ExpertTeam
Registered: Jul 11 2011
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Acrobat 9 is at 9.4.6 (if you haven't updated I would recommend it). We need some more details to determine why you are having this issue. What PDFs are turning Chinese, all of them, or specific ones? What was the method used to create these PDFs, PDFMaker from Microsoft Office, print to the Adobe PDF Printer, or a 3rd party, non Adobe solution?

Have you tried from the Help menu in Acrobat > Repair Acrobat Installation?

Kelly McCathran
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