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All I want to know is, can Adobe Acrobat 8 Standard produce CMYK PDF's, or do I have to have Professional? Nowhere on Adobe's crap site can I find CMYK mentioned - and pre sales is non-existant it seems.

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When you say produce CMYK PDFs, are you talking about the preseriving the color space of your host document or printing separations?

The color space of images from authoring programs is honored by all Acrobat viewers. Unless you change color space during conversion, the color space remains unchanged. This is not a Standard issue but one of Acrobat Distiller or the host application creating the PDF.

For printing separations, you need Acrobat Professional. There are no commercial printing tools in Acrobat Standard. If you have a PDF and want to print separations without having Acrobat, you could use a 3rd party plug-in with Standard or place the PDFs in a program like Adobe InDesign and print seps from InDesign. The best solution, of course, would be to purchase Acrobat Profesisonal. This is the tool to use for creative professionals.


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