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Converting A Tabloid html Page

Registered: Aug 29 2007
Posts: 5

If I create a PDF from the File->Print of my browser I get a beatiful PDF document in tabloid. If I try to convert the same html to a PDF through the Batch Processing I get the file as letter 8 1/2 x 11. This drives me crazy! I can't figure it out! HELP!!

I have looked in all pull-down menus and have set the printers to tabloid and I have the default printer as tabloid as well.

Any ideas?

Registered: Feb 23 2006
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It is the settings for the page setup. Check them for the browser and the Web Converter. Also check the default page size for the printer or virtual printer.

When using any automated solution, always make sure you set all the critical parameters to a known value and do not assume they are correct.

George Kaiser