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DOS pring command

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I have the following DOS scrip that I go off of this website and did a copy of modifications to it. But how do I bring up more then one page? It just brings up the first pdf in my folder (folder has 4 pdfs):
for %a in (c:\print pdfs\*.pdf) do acrord32.exe /t/n "%a" \\csf-amdc2\hplj9050mfp_9 adobeps tektonix phaser 840

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You have to write a for loop in a parent .CMD file that will loop through each of PDFs and print them out. The for loop will call a successive .cmd file during each itteration.

You cannot pass a wild-card from DOS to a windows app and expect the app to act on all files encountered. While that would be nice (and seemingly intuitive), that's not how DOS (a product of the 70's (based on CP/M)) works.

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