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Embedded Images & PostScript

Registered: Feb 8 2007
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We have a logo that goes into several publications as a JPG inside an Excel workbook, which is then converted to PDF from within Excel. Since we've been producing these PDF's with Acrobat 8 Professional, we've encountered printing problems whenever we use a PostScript driver (PCL drivers work fine). The logo appears as a solid black, gray, or white area, depending on the printer. This only happens when printing from Acrobat 8, it will print from third-party PDF readers to PS fine. It also doesn't seem to matter what conversion preset I use, the result for the image is the same.

Here's an example of a PDF that has this problem:
[url=]UMass Fact Sheet[/url]

Any ideas? Your help is much appreciated.

Registered: Sep 11 2007
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This was driving me absolutely crazy, too! I never had an issue until 8.0. I finally found the answer though:

1. Click Edit
2. Click Preferences
3. Click Page Display
4. Under Page Content and Information, Click Show large images.

Now, I don't know whose idea it was to turn that off by default, but IMHO, it was a bad move. I'd much rather have the option to turn it OFF if I don't want it, than have to search to the ends of the earth to figure out how to turn it ON.

Anyway, I know this post has been open for a long time, so I hope this helps someone.