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"Print all" batch no longer functions

Registered: Aug 12 2008
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We used the "Print all" batch function A LOT. Now it just crashes Acrobat, and I have no idea why.

We're running Acrobat Pro 8 under OSX.4.11 on Intel iMacs.

We get no errors, no warnings, nothin'. Just BAM! - Acrobat crashes.

I'd really like to get this functionality back. We have to print sometimes a hundred PDFs at a time to a laser printer. I tried just dropping them on a desktop printer, but that doesn't shrink-to-fit.

Any ideas where I should start looking?


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What point update of Acrobat are you using?

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Registered: Aug 12 2008
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Hi Rich,

Does this crash-out when working over the network or can it be reproduced locally?
Have you trashed Acrobat prefs?
Maybe it's worth considering re-setting your printing subsystem under OSX and then running the 'Repair Acrobat' function
Re-create the batch command and might also be worth resetting disk permissions
Finally if all else fails, try another workstation and see if you can mimic the problems

Let us know if any of these help - does seem a little odd?

All the best,


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Registered: Aug 12 2008
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The files are local, the printer is accessed across the network.

I'll try the preferences. We've reinstalled Acrobat, but that didn't work.

I recreated the batch, but there's not much to play with there. This is one of the precanned batch functions.

It happens on all workstations.

Can you elaborate on "re-setting your printing subsystem..." and the "'Repair Acrobat' function"?

I've done disk permissions (with Onyx). I'll try again with the Disk Utility.

Registered: Aug 12 2008
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Figured it out. It was an Agfa plug-in. Got rid of that and away we went.

Amazing what you can learn by reading the Crash Report. :-}

Thanks all.