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Printing black background

Registered: Dec 5 2011
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Whenever I print a pdf document, it comes out with a black background and white text. This is not how it appears on screen, but an inversion of the black and white I see on the soft copy. It does this whether I choose to print in either b&w or colour.
This is obviously a huge waste of toner and quite difficult to read/mark up.
I've uninstalled and re-installed acrobat reader, but the problem persists.
What setting do I need to change to get things to print normally?

My Product Information:
Reader 10.1, Windows
Acrobat 9ExpertTeam
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(Thanks Kelly!)
Registered: Dec 5 2011
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I can give you a couple of pdfs if it helps, but it's been a widespread issue. Almost everything I have printed from Acrobat reader has printed as a negative. The only exception was one time I printed a pdf document that was loaded in a Google Chrome window rather than as a standalone pdf.

This makes me think I have something strange in my settings, I just have no idea what it is.