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Printing a non-standard size PDF

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We have created index cards and a time management system that are a different size from the standard. Two of these cards one on top of the other create a page the exact size of a #10 envelope. Our intention is to sell a bizillion blank cards (two up) that people can go to our website and pick dynamic content for, then print onto their envelope size paper.
We have had some success using python in creating dynamic content, but when we try to print, we have completely inconsisitent results. It may be that we need to address the media box and crop box differently, but our hope is to be able to let them pick their content, then print it consistently to a 2 up page, the size of a #10 envelope, regardless of their printer.
Our website is [link=][/link]. We would love any help you might be able to offer.

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The short answer, check the PDF library and printer settings you are using - especially with regards to page scaling.

To be honest, as your project is a direct for-profit endevor I would suggest you hire a consultant to get the most out of your solution.

Thank you.

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