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Printing a PDF

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I recently sent a 20 page PDF booklet to a university for distribution electronically and in print. The recipient says she can view the PDF but cannot print it. The PDF has no security, and others that received it have had no problem printing it. Their Help Desk said because the PDF was sent using Outlook (they use Outlook also), the file became encapsulated and must be resent in RTF. I've never heard anything so ridiculous. Note that she was able to view the PDF, which tells me it was not encapsulated. Knowing there are several variables that could be going on here, is the Help Desk high, or is this a known issue?

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There is no real reason for not being able to print the file, if others can. Perhaps the user had a clogged print buffer? Is it really a problem with the PDF, or with the system or the print buffer?

The usual first step is to restart both printer and computer, then try to print again.

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