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Reader X: Printing out of Outlook = unreadable text

Registered: Dec 5 2011
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I'm working for an IT-Company and one of our customers has a problem by printing pdfs out of Outlook.
First of all some information of the customers system:
OS: Windows XP 32-Bit
Reader: 10.1.1
Printer: HP Officejet Pro K5400
As already said a customer has got a problem by printing pdfs out of Outlook. E.g. He gets an E-mail with a pdf in addition, opens and prints it. So far everything works fine. But the printed files are completely junked.
I've already told him to re-install Adobe Reader X and to update his printer drivers, but the problem still exists.
I know that one answer might be to print the pdf as an image. Maybe that's doing the job, but I need to get a real solution and not a workaround like this.
Is there any solution to get a proper result while printing out of Outlook?

My Product Information:
Reader 10.1, Windows