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review reminder

Registered: Oct 30 2006
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If I send a pdf out for review to 10 people. How do I keep track of who replies and who has not. In version 7 there was a review reminder that would send those who have not replied a reminder. I can't find that function in version 8.
Part 2 how do I create a slide show of images that will open full screen and play. Like what I can do with photoshop CS2 create pdf function? Thanks for your time, Tim

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Use the Review Tracker in Acrobat 8 for tracking reviews. Select the PDF sent for review in the Review Tracker and a summary page opens that lists shared reviewers comments.

On Windows it's quite easy. Open the Full Screen Preferences (Ctrl + K and click Full Screen in the left pane). Check the box for Advance Every and add the interval to the text box. Add transition effects if you like in the Preferences. Uncheck that annoying Alert when document requests full screen checkbox and save the file. Open the Document Properties (Ctrl + D) and click Initial Veiw. Check the box for Open in Full Screen Mode. Save the file and reopen it and the pages scroll much like creating a PDF Presentaiton from Photoshop or Adobe Bridge.

On the Mac, it's a problem. Problems exist with Adobe and Apple's QuickTime (especially QuickTime 7.1.3 and grerater). Flash files won't play within PDFs in Acrobat 8 viewers due to problems with QuickTime and Acrobat 8 viewers won't show slide shows either edited with Full Screen prefs or when viewing PDF Presentations from Photoshop or Bridge. Look for a maintenance upgrade from Adobe to fix these problems on the Mac with Acrobat 8.


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