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Slow plots

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We are a structural engineering office, and have occasion to plot large, (24”X36”) PDF files to our HP Design Jet, monochrome plotter. Sending such a plot order to the plotter, paralyzes it, as plotting will not begin for 20 to 30 minutes. Once plotting begins, plotting speed is normal- plots finish in about a minute, as they do plotting from Autocad. Plotting from Autocad begins in a few seconds. Test plots, sent from Acrobat to a laser printer, also print in seconds, although at such a small size as to be useless. Following is our setup:
Windows XP Professional, 1 gig ram
Acrobat 6.0
HP Design Jet 600, 20 meg ram
The drivers for the plotter are up to date.
If anyone knows of tweaks, or new software to speed things along, please contact me.
Darrel Astin for
Reese Freeland, Structural Engineer
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You are using an old version of Acrobat that isn't smart about engineering diagrams. Upgrade to the latest version (v8) and you'll find printing MUCH improved - as well as a LOT of GREAT features for working with AutoCAD drawings.


Leonard Rosenthol
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