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Something has happened to the settings for viewing PDFs on my Acrobat Pro. It was fine until about a month ago, but now, if you click on a bookmark, the page is not displayed. If you go to the Pages tab, the pages are all laid out in mini-versions that I cannot get to enlarge. I can open the same documents in Acrobat Reader and not have any problem. None of the information in Help explains what setting in Professional is controlling this functionality. Any ideas?

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Acrobat Pro 6, Windows
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You won't find a preference option to disable bookmark links or enlarging page thumbnails in Acrobat. Make sure you test a few files to be certain links are defined for bookmarks and view them in Reader and compare viewing in Acrobat. If you are certain that Acrobat is misbehaving, select Help > Repair Acrobat Installation. See if that solves your problem. If not, you may have to deinstall/reinstall Acrobat.ted

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