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Creating and Using Layers (OCGs) with Acrobat JavaScript

By Thom ParkerMar 12, 2006

In Acrobat, the term 'Layers' refers to Optional Content Groups (OCGs). OCGs are a mechanism for selectively controlling the visibility of page content. In Acrobat 7 (Professional and Standard) it is possible to both create and control these content layers through JavaScript, giving the document developer a totally new ability to use dynamic content purely through scripting tools already available in Acrobat Professional. This is not another kind of form field or annotation, but true page content. OCGs are used to create multilayer pages (like a stack of transparencies), for everything from multi-language documents, layered views for architectural plans, to animated displays.

Topics: JavaScript

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00000 03/12/2006

Combining comments using Acrobat 8

By Ali HanyalogluMay 13, 2007

You've collected comments from your reviewers. Learn how to combine these comments into a single PDF for review using Acrobat 8.

Topics: Review and Comment

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00000 05/13/2007

How to download and run an Action using Acrobat X

By Donna BakerFeb 6, 2012

In this tutorial, learn how to automate PDF by using the Action Wizard in Acrobat X Pro or Suite to automate PDF tasks.

Topics: Edit PDF

Products covered: Acrobat X


00000 02/06/2012

How to export PDF files to Word or Excel using Acrobat Reader

By Donna BakerMay 10, 2013

In this tutorial, learn how to convert PDF to Word or convert PDF to Excel using Acrobat Reader.

Topics: Export PDF

Products covered: Acrobat Reader


00000 05/10/2013

How to distribute forms with Acrobat X

By Donna BakerApr 25, 2014

In this infographic, learn how to distribute a PDF form or send a PDF form using a network folder or SharePoint workspace (Windows only).

Topics: PDF Forms

Products covered: Acrobat X


00000 04/25/2014

Edit text and images in a PDF file using Acrobat XI

By Adobe – Dec 15, 2014

Learn how to edit PDF text and how to edit PDF images right in your PDF file.

Topics: Edit PDF

Products covered: Acrobat XI


00000 12/15/2014

Print to PDF

By Lynda.com – Mar 26, 2015

In this tutorial, learn how to use the Acrobat PDF Printer in Acrobat DC to create PDFs from almost any application.

Topics: Create PDF

Products covered: Acrobat DC


00000 03/26/2015

Forms Data Collection with Acrobat 8 Professional

By Tim HuffDec 7, 2007

In this episode, Tim will show you how to take a Word Document, that has no real form fields on it and create a secure Acrobat PDF form. This work flow will only work on the Windows Platform as the Adobe LiveCycle Designer is not available on the Mac Platform.

Topics: PDF Forms

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00000 12/07/2007

Optimizing your PDF documents

By Donna BakerMar 30, 2007

For removing “regular” types of extra content, such as comments and hidden text, run the Examine Document process. For making a document the most efficient without sacrificing its quality, turn to the PDF Optimizer in Acrobat 8 Professional.


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00000 03/30/2007

Finding Page Boundaries

By Thom ParkerSep 9, 2006

To script activities such as creating form fields and resizing pages it is necessary to know the dimensions of a document page. In PDF this can be a bit confusing because pages are bounded by several different Page Boxes.

Topics: JavaScript

Products covered:


00000 09/09/2006