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Creating and using Actions in Acrobat X

By Kurt Foss – April 19, 2011

Creating and using Actions in Acrobat X

This sample chapter is excerpted from the Adobe Acrobat X Classroom in a Book (CIB), written by the Adobe Creative Team and published by Peachpit Press. The lesson in chapter seven explains and illustrates how to create, use and share Actions -- each is a collection of steps that can be performed automatically by Acrobat X Pro or Suite. The product ships with a set of pre-defined Actions, but it's easy to create your own and to import Actions developed and shared by by others.

Peachpit has published a six-part article based on this chapter, covering sub-topics including:

  • Run an action (Acrobat X Pro)
  • Create an action
  • Create an instruction step for an action
  • Set options in steps so the user doesn't need to provide input
  • Prompt the user for input on specific steps
  • Share an action

The article includes a link to download all of the lesson files [ZIP: 4MB] -- several PDF files and an FLV movie file -- you will use to test the five-step Action (Prepare Multimedia Presentation) you will create in this lesson. Several of the tasks are performed automatically, while others will prompt you for specific input (such as adding a security password). You will use the lesson files to create a full-screen presentation with page transitions.

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