How to edit text in a PDF file

Learn how to edit text in a PDF file using the new intuitive point-and-click functionality in Acrobat XI.

By October 2, 2012


In this tutorial, learn how to edit text in a PDF file (sometimes called edit PDF files or PDF editor) using the new intuitive point-and-click functionality in Acrobat XI. The new PDF editing features make it easy to edit a PDF file when you don't have the original files. Edit text, rearrange paragraphs, crop visuals, and do it all using new streamlined editing tools.

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How to edit text in a PDF file

Donna BakerOctober 2, 2012

How can I edit or change the text in my PDF file?

Just follow these 6 simple steps to edit text in your

PDF file using Acrobat XI Std. or Pro.

  1. Use the Edit Text & Images tool to edit and configure text.
    open Content Editing
    click Edit Text & Images
    Each text object shows an outline
    click to select a text item...
    ...and the Format tools activate
    open the Content pane... find the text block shown as a list item
  2. Change the contents in a text box.
    select the text to delete
    press DELETE
    press ENTER to space the text
  3. Add new text on a page.
    click Add Text
    click the page
    drag to draw a text box
    type the new text...
    ...or paste it from the clipboard
  4. Change the appearance of text.
    select the text with the Edit Text & Images tool
    click the Font drop-down arrow
    select the new font
    drag to select text to modify
    click Underline
    click the frame
    adjust the final position
    check for typos!
    select text to modify
    click the Color Swatch
    pick a new color
    click Horizontal Scaling.. a value... increase the character width a value...
    click Character Spacing... increase the space between characters
    click Line Spacing... a value... increase space between lines
  5. Adjust the location and layout of text on a page.
    click the edge of the text box to change paragraph alignment...
    ...drag the text box wider
    click Center
    the text centers within the text box
    don’t select the separate list number text boxes
    select the text boxes and press DELETE
    move the text
    select and delete the extra list number
    select and delete the extra list number
  6. Make changes using the Find & Replace feature.
    press CTRL+F (Windows) or COMMAND + F (Mac)
    type the text you want to find
    the Find pop-up opens
    type the replacement text
    click Next
    click Replace
    the first instance of the term highlights
    click Next
    replaced text
    the next instance highlights
    continue the process
    click OK to finish

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David Bulman

3 weeks ago

I created a ~1000 page .pdf document that has a header with with sequential page numbers. How can I delete the header and all the sequential page numbers on each page?


3 weeks ago

I use Adobe Reader at work to revise scanned electrical schematics. IT dept.has “upgraded” the Pro versions several times and the learning process starts over each time. Not all changes are for the better. To the old Pro 9 users…Do not try to create a text box with ‘Text Box’ tool, because you can’t edit the text appearance afterwards (like you could on older versions. As the video shows- create a text boxes using the “Add Text” tool. Editing text in this newly created box will be easy then. Thanks for all the tips Donna. They enlightened me,

Lori Kassuba

3 weeks ago

Hi Gary Cosel,

In Forms Edit mode, open the Fields pane and select all your Text Fields. Next, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + i to bring up the Properties and change the default font. This will change the default font for all the fields that you selected.


Gary Cosel

3 weeks ago

I converted one of my treatment forms into a pdf document file.  Then I made it into a template and created text fields to type into.  My problem now -  how do I change the font and font size of the text that I want to type into the text field? - it is stuck in default at “12”.

Lori Kassuba

1, 2014-05-27 27, 2014

Hi Ellen Campion,

You’ll need Acrobat Std. or Pro. to modify form fields. Here is a tutorial on the subject to help you get started:


Ellen Campion

5, 2014-05-26 26, 2014

I need to change the spacing between the fields on Acrobat XI, how do I do that? It is an online form that can be filled out….

jeniffer homes

8, 2014-05-10 10, 2014

You’ll need Acrobat Std. or Pro. to edit text in a PDF document. However, you can use the Add Text Comment tool in the Comment pane in the free Reader to add larger text to your PDF file. This tool allows you to place your cursor anywhere in the PDF and add text (provided the PDF has not been secured to disallow this).i have used this tool to edit various pdf tax documents.



3, 2014-04-25 25, 2014

... how can I see the Video withOut flash!

Lori Kassuba

10, 2014-04-17 17, 2014

Hi Melissa,

For future reference if you use the steps mentioned in this tutorial, you’ll be able to edit a PDF file that originated as a scanned image.

At this point, since the information is an image and not real text you can use the Edit Using dropdown in the Content Editing panel to launch an external program (if you have one installed on your system like Photoshop or MS Paint) to make your changes there.



9, 2014-04-16 16, 2014

Hi Lori,

Yes, it did originiated as a scanned image, it was a PDF. It will only allow me to edit certain parts of the document, not the entire thing. Any advice?

Lori Kassuba

11, 2014-04-14 14, 2014

Hi Melissa,

Did this particular document originate as a scanned image? Anything else unusual about it?



2, 2014-04-11 11, 2014

For some reason, I am not able to edit a document. Upon clicking the edit button on the right hand side, it will only allow me to edit certain parts of the document, not all of it. i have never had this happen before, can you please help?

Thank you

Lori Kassuba

1, 2014-04-01 01, 2014

Hi Amy,

I see that Karl responded to your question here:

If you’re still having problems, can you respond to his question so we can help you get your novel published:) Good luck!



1, 2014-03-24 24, 2014

The piece of work I consult your page about is a novel; I must send a copy by email to Europe. They requested a .pdf what never happened to me before. And my problem is all chapters (and numbers) were on a NEW page in the original Word .doc and my .pdf shows it all rushing straightaway which is the absolute wrong idea for a novel. I have very little experience with Acrobat but a lot with these people and I fear being refused after 8 months of hard work. I’d be so very grateful if your are able to give me a hint to help me out. I’d be grateful even if you are overworked and can’t. Kindest regards from Amy.

Lori Kassuba

10, 2014-03-20 20, 2014

Hi maria,

It sounds as though you have the text form field font properties set to auto. This is will create the variance in font sizing. I would change it to an exact size similar to the text surrounding the form field.



4, 2014-03-17 17, 2014

Thanks for your advice.  The situation is that I’ve converted a word doc. into a PDF.  Some areas in the documents needs to be filled by others.  The whole doc. is a PDF except the areas where additional information needs to be included.  The thing here is that when running a sample I notice that font size changes while writing. I have a Adobe XI Pro, I’m new with the program and need to solve this issue.  Appreciate your comments.

Lori Kassuba

10, 2014-03-10 10, 2014

Hi Maria,

Are you saying that you want to allow folks to add information in the highlighted areas? If so, I would place text form fields on the PDF using the tools located under the Tools pane > Forms panel in Acrobat Std. or Pro. version XI.



4, 2014-03-04 04, 2014

I have already converted a Word doc into a PDF.  There are highlighted spaces that needs to be modified.  What do I have to do for only allowing modifications in the highlighted areas? Thanks in advance.

Lori Kassuba

10, 2014-02-27 27, 2014

Hi Bruce Andrews,

If your form does not have any existing form fields on it, the best way to fill it out would be to use the Add Text Comment command located under the Comment pane in Reader XI (not earlier version of Reader). Or, you can also use the tools found under the Sign pane to add text, checkmarks, and initials.


Lori Kassuba

10, 2014-02-27 27, 2014

Hi K.D.G,

As Toni mentions, all you need to do to reset your panels is to select the Customize dropdown (located in the top right corner) and choose Default tools.


Bruce Andrews

2, 2014-02-26 26, 2014

I received a Adobe form and can’t fill it out on my pc. how do I convert so I can fill it out. I can read it and get the mark to the places on the form but when I type in a letter it does not come up.I have very little experience with


7, 2014-02-20 20, 2014

I was having the same problem this morning. I had the Content Editing window open and clicked on the customize drop down. Then I clicked default tools and everything popped up at the bottom as shown in the video. Hope this works for you.

K.D. G

1, 2014-01-28 28, 2014

Has adobe “updated” Acrobat Pro XI?? All my tools have changed. I don’t have that side panel anymore with all of the options. It just suddenly changed or erased with the most recent update. (adobe acrobat automatically updates).  I had to go in the “Custom” button, and add all of those buttons back, to the tool bar above at the top of the screen. But I still seem to be missing editing tools. For example the ones that are shown in the video tutorial above—I don’t have those anymore.

Harry Hemus

8, 2014-01-09 09, 2014

Hi Lori

I’ve just spotted this thread which seems more focused on the editing text and images tool within XI and not X.

So I just wanted to pursue the original question I posed.

Is it possible to use the new tool for editing multiple layered documents.

Here is the link again to ONE page from a much larger project

Lori Kassuba

2, 2014-01-02 02, 2014

Hi Rick H.,

This depends on the program used to create the PDF. Is it Word? And if you’re using the reference capabilities of Word, you should be able to generate automatic hyperlinks in the resulting PDF.


Rick H.

11, 2014-01-01 01, 2014

I need help with Adobe Acrobat Pro 11.  I have a Thesis I’m writing and trying to figure out if 11 has automatic numbering for Cites listed in my document.  A little help please.

Lori Kassuba

3, 2013-12-26 26, 2013

Hi Mitchell,

Acrobat XI Pro. also comes with a form design tool called Formscentral that you can use to easily create brand new forms as well.



4, 2013-12-19 19, 2013

My problem turned out to be that I was doing all my designing directly in Adobe Acrobat instead of first utilizing a preliminary means of designing my form (I ended up using Microsoft Word).
Once I had the form layout all setup then I converted it to Adobe pdf and added the form fields I desired.

I’m guessing that my initial attempt at designing the form left a bunch of “hidden” containers (visible if I looked at content view).  Those “hidden” containers at times may have come to the foreground covering the text beneath it.

Lori Kassuba

3, 2013-12-19 19, 2013

Hi Mitchell,

Are you using a Mac? If so, make sure you’re not working with the form in Mac Preview. There is an issue in Preview where form data disappears—so always make sure you’re filling form out with Acrobat or Reader.



2, 2013-12-17 17, 2013

I designed a form using Acrobat Pro XI version 11.0.4.  I have been doing a lot of modifications to my form and have noticed from time to time characters started to disappear from some of my text annotations.  What is causing this?

Patty Friesen

11, 2013-12-02 02, 2013

Hi Gordin,

Visit this page and select what you want to edit and then select “Reader XI.” You’ll be directed to a tutorial that will explain what steps you need to take to edit text using Reader:

Hope this helps.


Gordin Edheh

9, 2013-12-02 02, 2013

I still do not understand how to edit document with the reader.

[email protected]

2, 2013-11-26 26, 2013

the simplicity of using the subscription on multiple computers, both mac and pc is a first for the industry, xi pro is magnificent for a senior citizen with a max of 10yrs left to see the computer screen. 
Another benefit is that if an answer is not quickly found in adobe help, google is a very fast next source, and i don’t need billionaire status to use this resources.


11, 2013-09-30 30, 2013

Thank you for your help!

Lori Kassuba

3, 2013-09-27 27, 2013

Hi Phyllis,

Why don’t you try embedding the font in your document first - I think you’re seeing a subset issue. I don’t have anything about how to do this in version 9 but I believe you might double-check if you have access to the feature mentioned in this tutorial:


donna baker

11, 2013-09-25 25, 2013

Hi Craig -

In Acrobat X you don’t have the same editing capabilities as you have in Acrobat XI, which is the software used in the video. In order to access the editing panel, you’d need to upgrade your software.



9, 2013-09-24 24, 2013

I want to translate a pdf file from English into Korean.  I use Acrobat 9. When I tried to type in Korean using text editing tool, it says,

“Some of the characters in the current font are not available, the missing characters will be replaced by place holder characters (maybe dots ‘.’).

A work around to this is to select another font which contains the characters in the TouchUp Properties dialog.”

Is there any way to change English text in PDF into Korean?


4, 2013-09-08 08, 2013

Hi Donna.  I am using Acrobat X Pro.  How do I access the font drop down menu, so I can change fonts, sizes, colors, justification, etc. for an inserted text box?  I am presented with an Edit Document Text tool, but I can determine how to get to the font information.

donna baker

7, 2013-09-03 03, 2013

Hi Yvette -

It isn’t necessary to upgrade your program in order to make edits. However, you are restricted in the type and extent of editing possible based on your program version. For example, in Acrobat 9 you don’t have access to the editing tools and features that are shown in the video. You can make changes using the TouchUp Text editing tool.


Yvette Dingwall

12, 2013-08-26 26, 2013

I created a document in Acrobat Pro 9 and now need to make changes.  Is this possible to do without upgrading the software as I do not want to lose the formatting currently in the document….Thanks.

donna baker

12, 2013-08-16 16, 2013

Hi Cecelia -

Unless you are using an online service such as CreatePDF, you can’t produce a PDF document in Adobe Reader.


donna baker

12, 2013-08-16 16, 2013

Hi Edward -

You’ll be able to see if there is security attached by choosing File > Properties and checking the settings on the Security tab. If the document’s author has added a password, you’ll have to ask to have it removed.

Are you sure the document is editable text and not a scanned page? You mentioned you can’t edit the content, which may be due to it being an image of the page, and not actual text.


How do I enable document rights in a PDF?  I cannot edit the text in the PDF using Acrobat Pro XI.

Patty Friesen

10, 2013-08-16 16, 2013

Hi Alfred,

You should be able to change the credit card details to the different bank through your creative cloud membership account page. See

If you are still having trouble, you can contact support from

Hope this helps.



12, 2013-08-14 14, 2013

He bajado el archivo de ADOBE READER, versión gratuita, pero hasta ahora no puedo convertir los archivos de word a PDF.
Quisiera su ayuda por favor.

I downloaded the file of Adobe Reader, free version, but so far I can not convert word to PDF files.
I would like your help please.
Thank you,


4, 2013-08-08 08, 2013

How do I enable document rights in a PDF?  I cannot edit the text in the PDF using Acrobat Pro XI.

donna baker

10, 2013-08-06 06, 2013

Hi Gretchen -

Use the Edit Text & Images tool. When you select it, the frames on the page show around paragraphs and images, etc. With the tool, select the frame containing the text you want to change, and made the settings changes in the Tools panel.



11, 2013-08-03 03, 2013

Actually I’m working with two software Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop from Adobe Creative Cloud and I pay each month for both trough HSBC bank but since August 15 must pay trough National Bank of Mexico (BANAMEX) and my question is what can I do with you to continue paying through this bank? 

Many thanks


2, 2013-07-30 30, 2013

I want to change the font size in the text box but cannot figure out how to do it.

donna baker

1, 2013-06-26 26, 2013

Hi Johanna -

You’re not going to get the same level of control with Reader that you would with Acrobat. From your description, it sounds like the Word spacing was set in the program, and not by using a specific font. For that reason, when you copy and paste, the features don’t convert and you’ll have the basic fonts again, probably using default substitute fonts in Reader.



11, 2013-06-25 25, 2013


I have Adobe Reader XI and I’m trying to copy and paste a letter from Word to PDF. I scanned the letterhead and I’m adding the content; however, when I’m about to print, it automatically changes the spacing - it collapse. It seems that it converts it to a box.
Is there a way to change this?

Thank you!


donna baker

1, 2013-06-18 18, 2013

Hi Livleen -

You can select each paragraph in the document with the Edit Text and Images tool, then change the font. That will work, but takes a fair bit of time. If possible, it’s simplest to get the source document, change the font there, and then recreate the PDF file.


livleen singh

10, 2013-06-16 16, 2013

How to edit pdf document with a different font - Anandpur sahib and then save it.


donna baker

12, 2013-06-04 04, 2013

Hi Gia -

You remove the password from the Properties dialog box. Choose File > Properties to open the dialog box, and click the Security tab. You’ll see fields to remove your password. Save it after you finish removing the password. You definitely don’t have to start over again.


donna baker

12, 2013-06-04 04, 2013

Hi Alan -

Is the date displayed in a field? If so, open the field properties, and click the Format tab. Change the format to text and you should be fine.

It almost sounds like there’s an issue with your program overall, though. If you’re on Windows, choose Help > Repair Acrobat Installation and let the program go through its installed components and fix anything that’s required.



8, 2013-06-04 04, 2013

How do I edit pdf which I created and password protected..? I need to edit it and I cannot find anywhere a place to write my password and open the document for editing. Or do I really need to re-create this document from the beginning to be able to edit it ?

Alan Wickstrom

11, 2013-05-31 31, 2013

I have a document that needs to be updated every year, so I went into last year’s pdf using acrobat XI and made all the changes.  One of the changes is changing the year from 2012-13 to 2013-14.  So, I did that and after I saved it, I opened the document back up and it says 2015-16.  I changed it again and the same thing happened.  So, then I just deleted it and typed in the entire year and century instead of just changing the year.  I saved it and now it reads 4235/36.  Why is this happening and what do I need to do to change it.  Obviously, it has something to do with them being numerals.

Patty Friesen

10, 2013-05-31 31, 2013

Hi Sabrina,

Here is a pretty comprehensive tutorial on editing text using Acrobat 9. Hope this helps!



6, 2013-05-30 30, 2013

I have version 9. How do I edit text? Thank you

Lori Kassuba

12, 2013-05-28 28, 2013

Hi Charlotte,

You’ll just need to make sure that your companies standard font has been installed on your computer. Once it is, you should be able to access it when editing text in Acrobat XI.


Lori Kassuba

12, 2013-05-28 28, 2013

Hi Flightless,

You’ll need Acrobat Std. or Pro. to edit text in a PDF document. However, you can use the Add Text Comment tool in the Comment pane in the free Reader to add larger text to your PDF file. This tool allows you to place your cursor anywhere in the PDF and add text (provided the PDF has not been secured to disallow this).



11, 2013-05-24 24, 2013

My company’s font is not part of the standard package and so I am unable to make use of the editing tools. How can I get it added and how much does it cost?


4, 2013-05-22 22, 2013

I think I have standard Adobe reader XI that was a free download.  Clicking on “tools” only provides a drop down box with “export PDF”, “import PDF”, “Adobe CreatePDF”, “Send Files”, and “Store Files”.  I want to change the font size for an IRS form - it is too small when printed.

donna baker

2, 2013-05-15 15, 2013

Hi Shah -

It’s quite simple. Use the Edit Text and Images tool, and select the text you want to change. Then, in the Edit Text and Images panel, click the color swatch shown for the font color and pick another one.



9, 2013-05-12 12, 2013

How to change font color in PDF?

donna baker

1, 2013-05-06 06, 2013

Hi Razan -

If you want to highlight text, open the Comment tools pane and select the Highlight tool. Then click and drag over the text you want to highlight.


donna baker

1, 2013-05-06 06, 2013

Hi Jeanne -

Open the Tools panel, and see if the Content Editing set of tools is showing. If not, click the dropdown menu at the upper right of the Tools pane and choose Content Editing. You’ll see the Edit Text and Image tool on that list of tools.

I’m sorry to read that you’re finding Acrobat frustrating. Maybe taking a course will help remove the frustration.


This program is so frustrating.


7, 2013-05-04 04, 2013

how to use highlight text on my pdf page please help ??


11, 2013-05-03 03, 2013

where is the Edit Text and Images tool, exactly?  I can’t seem to find that hand sidebar for content editing ANYWHERE. This program is so frustrating.

Patty Friesen

7, 2013-04-25 25, 2013

Hi J Rendon,

Please post your question in our Answers Q&A forum and one of our experts can help you:


j rendon

3, 2013-04-25 25, 2013

Dear sir my acrobat reader is 1014 every time I try to open the screen it goes black. ca i delete and try a new one. help me please

donna baker

11, 2013-04-22 22, 2013

Hi Juan -

Yes, it’s quite simple to delete a word, but you must have rendered text. If you click the page with the Edit Text & Images tool what happens? If it shows many little boxes around the content then you can select individual words and make edits. If it shows one large frame around the whole page, then you have a picture of the page’s contents, not assembled text and graphics on the page.

If that’s the case, you need to use OCR to capture the text.


donna baker

11, 2013-04-22 22, 2013

Hi Terry -

Upgrading to Acrobat XI does give you editing tools in the Standard version. You can check out the differences here:


donna baker

11, 2013-04-22 22, 2013

Hi Chris -

If the message displays that the file contains renderable text, then there’s nothing for you to do as the text is now selectable and editable.


donna baker

11, 2013-04-22 22, 2013

Hi Jayne -

You’re on the right track. Open the Properties and pick the yellow you want for both the stroke and fill. Click the Make Default checkbox, or click the Make Properties Default on the right-click menu. Otherwise, you’ll have the changed appearance for just the comment you added.


Juan R. Salvador

12, 2013-04-21 21, 2013

Isn’t there a simple way to delete a word in a document saved? I have been trying and can not delete a word. Is too hard to do.


9, 2013-04-17 17, 2013

I am primarily interested in the features for Editing Text, changing fonts, etc., within PDF files, especially scanned PDF files.

Presently, I have Acrobat X Pro and my question is, can I obtain those Editing features with an upgrade to Acrobat XI Standard ?...or must I upgrade to the Pro version…?

Chris Matern

11, 2013-04-17 17, 2013

What if the file contains “renderable text”?  This is the error message received when you attempt to use the recognize text command.

What can you do in that situation?

Jayne Winters

2, 2013-04-16 16, 2013

I’m looking for a way in which to highlight sections of text in yellow. I’ve been able to use the Highlight Text icon to draw a red rectangle around selected text, but would prefer a solid bright yellow to draw the reader’s attention to certain language. I’ve even tried changing the properties of the Highlight tool, but no luck. Thanks

donna baker

6, 2013-04-11 11, 2013

Hi Sameer -

There isn’t anywhere to click OK so I wonder if you’re following steps in the right sequence.

Open the Comments panel, select the Highlight text icon in the Annotations tools, or press U on your keyboard to activate the tool. That’s all you need to do.

Move your cursor over the page, then click and drag to select the text. Release the mouse to apply the highlight.


I wanna ask u.. how to highlight the text in a PDF document..??
Actually i try to do that.. i go to the comment and markup tool bar and i check the highlight text option but after checking it when i click ok it again gets disabled. If any one knows what it is please tell me.


2, 2013-04-09 09, 2013

I wanna ask u.. how to highlight the text in a PDF document..??
Actually i try to do that.. i go to the comment and markup tool bar and i check the highlight text option but after checking it when i click ok it again gets disabled. If any one knows what it is please tell me.

donna baker

9, 2013-04-03 03, 2013

Hi Donna -

It sounds like you have duplicate fields, that is, multiple fields having the same name. When you add content to one of the fields, all other fields with the same name automatically show the same content.

In the Fields editing view, check through your list of fields in the Fields pane or on the page to see what’s been named the same. You can change the names slightly and still keep track by adding a number to the end of the name, like name.2 etc.


I have created fillable text fields in a form, however when the user is filling in the fields the text is being duplicated in subsequent fields.  When tabbing to the next fillable field the text is then changing to the newly entered text.  Is there an issue with the properties of the form?


12, 2013-04-03 03, 2013

I have created fillable text fields in a form, however when the user is filling in the fields the text is being duplicated in subsequent fields.  When tabbing to the next fillable field the text is then changing to the newly entered text.  Is there an issue with the properties of the form?

donna baker

12, 2013-03-26 26, 2013

Hi Caroline -

I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you mean by Tasks documents. In Acrobat, the only place you see Tasks is in the Form Editing mode. Can you explain further?


donna baker

12, 2013-03-26 26, 2013

Hi Boon Wong -

When you add a text box, you are actually adding a type of comment. ç
Choose File > Print to open the Print dialog box. At the right, look for a dropdown below the Comments & Forms label. Click that dropdown arrow and choose Document and Markups. Now you’ll print both your document and what you’ve added in text boxes.


donna baker

12, 2013-03-26 26, 2013

Hi Arnie -

The ‘sheen’ that you’re describing is actually a level of transparency. When you open the Text Box Properties, look for the Opacity value, which should show 100%. If not, type in 100 or drag the slider right.



12, 2013-03-23 23, 2013

I have been trying to open my Tasks documents and cannot.  It says download a Macromedia Flash player and I do that.  I go back to my Tasks and it says exactly the same thing.  Why is this happening?

Boon Wong

8, 2013-03-21 21, 2013

Hi Dona,

I would like to add text into my PDF file. I clicked the TEXT BOX, typed teh words in the text box. after finished writing, I click on BOARDER color, and choose WHITE color to get rid of the box. I save the file, But, When I printed the document, or clicked print preview, the new text that I dded is not there? Please advise what is wrong?  Thanks,


4, 2013-03-21 21, 2013

Hi, I’m creating a text box and I right click to go to properties to change the colour of the fill - however, it is coming up with a sheen (lighter) rather than the full colour. Hence when I type in the text box, I can see the original text behind it. How do I stop this from happening?

donna baker

1, 2013-03-05 05, 2013

Hi Diane -

The source of the line may be a part of the text field or typed text.

In Acrobat XI, select the Edit Text and Images tool, click the line to select it, and then delete it.


Darlene Daugherty

11, 2013-03-05 05, 2013

I deleted a text field, but it left a long black line where the text field was.  How do I get rid of the line?

Patty Friesen

9, 2013-02-25 25, 2013

Hi Jim,

I don’t see your original comment. Can you please describe what you need help with.



Jim Golay

5, 2013-02-22 22, 2013

Still no help for my situation?????

donna baker

3, 2013-02-13 13, 2013

Hi Ababu -

How you add symbols and shapes depends on where they originate. If the symbols are font characters, you can choose your symbol or shape font and type the content on the page like any other text. If the symbols and shapes are images, you can add them like any other type of image.


donna baker

3, 2013-02-13 13, 2013

Hi Kamil -

If you have the fonts installed, you can use one of the text tools in Acrobat and choose your font.



7, 2013-02-10 10, 2013

I would like to add symbols and shapes to pdf. i have acrobat pro.  how can i do that?


12, 2013-02-07 07, 2013

How do I type Arabic text using Adop Acrobat Pro

Steve Wilson

9, 2013-02-05 05, 2013

We use Adobe Acrobat Pro to mark-up vendor drawings submitted for approval.  How can I change the font size in a text box?

Hi Steve,

See if this answer helps:


donna baker

12, 2013-01-28 28, 2013

Hi Erin -

You can see an abbreviated version of the video in this infographic:

In order to add more text, you need to have a font that Acrobat can work with. Select what you see first as dots, then change the font. Once you have a visible font, then go ahead and finish your heading.



4, 2013-01-16 16, 2013

How do I select a text and make it bold while editing a PDF text?


5, 2013-01-15 15, 2013

Great information but went way too fast and couldn’t write anything down.  My issue is that I have a heading that needs to be changed but the program can’t detect the font so it puts dots in the text field.  And when I make the title longer and creates a second line, the 2nd line is skewed to the right as if the first line is centered and the second line is aligned right…but there is no <return> to cause that.

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