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Combined PDF file size error

Registered: Dec 15 2011
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I have a problem with combined PDF.
I'm trying to merge 3 PDF files, with sizes: 1.5 Gb, 0.5 Gb and 0.2 Gb.
I'm merging these files into standalone PDF.
And Acrobat shows me an error like "Unable to save document. File size is too big for this operation".
Can you help, is there any size limitations for resluting PDF file? Or this problem is something else?
Thank you!

My Product Information:
Acrobat Pro 9.0, Windows
Acrobat 9ExpertTeam
Registered: Mar 1 2006
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Which Windows version ?
Be sure that your hard disk is NTFS formatted and can support files bigger than 2 Gb.
Registered: Dec 15 2011
Posts: 2
WinXP Professional ver. 2002 SP2.
Disk is in NTFS format, and i have files with size bigger than 2Gb (films, etc).

Is there any debug logs in Acrobat? I can try to merge files again and show you program logs.