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3DS max to 3D PDF

Registered: Jul 11 2011
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Can someone help me on how to import the textures & effects from .max file to .3ds & also how can I achieve high quality rendering in the 3D PDF.

Registered: Oct 29 2008
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The first point has been answered before in the U2U forums:

3DS is a Dos format, so all bitmap textures must use Dos 8.3 filenames and must be in the same folder as the 3DS file, or they won't be found.

If you have a texture called "MyDiffuseMap.jpg" you must rename it, both on disk and in the scene, to something like "MYMAP1.JPG".

When converting to U3D for embedding in a PDF file no procedural textures, materials or overlays can be used - you can *only* set the diffuse/ambient/reflective colors and give each one a tiled bitmap texture. You can't use MR materials, you can't have displacement or normal maps, and you can't have environment effects.

PDF files do not support "high quality rendering". The viewport in Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader is an interactive display, not a renderer - there is basic lighting via the OpenGL interface but no bounced lighting, no aliasing and no AO/GI.