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Creating symblos for PDF markups

adam g
Registered: Jul 27 2010
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I work for an AV company and I want to convert to an electronic mark up system( Tired of wasting paper). So I'm pretty new to this aspect.
We have a CAD dept that uses in house AV standard symbols for field devices e.g. wall station controls, wall plate outlets etc. They are usually pretty simple. Something along the line of a square with a D or a J in it.
Need a way of creating these symbols and a library to pick from in acrobat.

Also which version of Acrobat would be the best to get? Standard,Pro or Extended?



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Acrobat Standard 9.3.1, Windows
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Something to try -
See if, with Standard, you can create custom stamps.
If not, you will need at least Pro.
If you want delve into incorporation of rich media usage you'll want Pro Extended.
An image may be incorporated in a custom stamp.
You could create a stamp for each desired symbol.
Adjust each as needed once placed to a PDF page.
Perhaps flatten all once done.
Deliver the PDF.

Be well...

jon lee (not verified)
i dont know how to...

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Have you looked at the tutorials about stamps and dynamic stamps?

George Kaiser

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I make all of my custom stamps in Power Point first then I convert it to an adobe document. Then I use the custom stamp feature to import the stamp. If it needs to be a different size then I go back to the original document change the size or orientation if needed and try importing it again.