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Margin override

Registered: Jan 7 2011
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I have created pdfs from 22x34 in Microstation and want to print them on 11x17 at true half scale. When I go to print the sheets, it now wants to print at 48% with the "fit to printable area" toggled. Under page steup, the margins are set at one inch all sides with no option to change them to zero. How do I fix this to print true?

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Acrobat Standard 10.0, Windows
Registered: Aug 13 2010
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I just tried this and got it to work. Here is my path: File>Print. Select the Page Setup button on the bottom left. In Paper Size, choose Custom or Manage Custom Sizes. Click the + sign on the bottom left to add a new custom size. Change the settings to what you want. Select the word "Untitled" and give your custom size an appropriate name. Then OK OK to get back to your print dialog box. If all looks good, OK one last time to print.