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Change dynamic stamp

Registered: Sep 21 2009
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I want to create a dynamic stamp that says "Computer Entered by _______ Date Time" but I do not want to re-create an image. Is it possible to take one of the existing stamps and edit it?

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Yes, you can use an existing image. When you select Comments > Comments & Markup Tools > Stamps > Create Custom Stamps you'll be prompted to select an image for your custom stamp. You can select one of the existing images in the stamps that ship with Acrobat 9, which are generally installed at:
C:/Program Files/Adobe/Acrobat 9.0/Acrobat/plug_ins/Annotations/Stamps/ENU/Dynamic.pdf

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Does anyone know what the path is for Mac? I've been searching everywhere for it, but I'm failing miserably.
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Open the JavaScript console and execute the following code:
app.getPath('app', 'stamps');
This will print the location of the stamps supplied by Acrobat. To find the location of user stamps, create a user stamp and then use 'user' instead of 'app'.

You might want to look at Thom Parker's article about dynamic stamp secrets.

George Kaiser

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Does anyone know if there is a way to change the default path of the stamps directory to move it to a place in the network, so all users can access the same directory?
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Thanks Ikassuba

Now I need to get the Date changed to DD\MM\YYYY

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You need to change the code that populates the field in the stamp with the date.
Be aware, though, that back-slashes must be escaped in a string, ie you need to add an extra back-slash in front of each one of them.

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