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Installing Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional on Windows 7

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I have installed Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional on Windows 7. When printing from Office Word 2007, the print file appears in the Adobe printer box as an error.

What can I do?

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Something I'd posted to the Acrobat u2u forum earlier may be helpful.

Information re: Window 7 and Adobe applications.

In general - Installing and using Windows 7 with Adobe applications.
[url=]For Adobe product operating system compatibility.[/url]
[url=]For Adobe Acrobat products.[/url]

[i]"Do Adobe Acrobat 9 and Adobe Reader 9 require updates to be compatible with Windows 7?"[/i]
This states that Acrobat 9.2 and Adobe Reader 9.2 are required for compatibility with Windows 7.

Look over [i]"What about older versions of Acrobat and Windows 7"[/i] for upgrade information.

Keep in mind that the browser add-in that interfaces with Reader / Acrobat is placed when the Adobe application is installed.
So it too is bounded by the Reader / Acrobat version's compatibility with a given OS.

In short, if running Windows 7 & if Acrobat 9.2 and Adobe Reader 9.2 or better is not installed you can expect to encounter "issues".
Some may be addressed by work arounds; but, on the whole, I suspect that'd be a ramble in the briar patch.

fwiw, Adobe documentation identifies that Adobe only tested CS3 and CS4 for Windows 7 support.
Adobe notes that, while earlier releases of Acrobat or CS may install and may run in Windows 7 none of them were tested in Windows 7 by Adobe.
Nor will the earlier releases be "updated".

Be well..

Be well...